More Pinus contorta contorta

Here is a picture that shows P. contorta growing along the edge of a granite outcrop. That’s Sam looking the trees over (actually he wants to get into the mud bog). Elevation is around 2500ft., 5000ft. in elevation is Alpine on Vancouver Island.

More P. contorta as well as C. nootkatensis

Sam loves the bog holes.Spring collecting – I can collect in the spring if the winter snow is not too deep and I can reach the areas before the candles start opening up. Picture taken in early April.Some nice trees here but difficult to collect in the bogs

Ernie keeping guard on the tree (below) that I plan on collecting – the trunk starts under the lowest branch under the shari makes a left turn then right and over itself.

A better view from the above picture. This tree has a very large trunk and numerous twists and turns. I managed to haul this out and I have to wait another year before working on it.







Collecting Shore Pine – Pinus contorta contorta

I would like to share show photos of places that I enjoy collecting Shore Pines at. A picture of a large P. contorta I collected in 2006. Now it is in the collection of Tak Yamaura at Japan Bonsai in Whiterock BC.

Need another person to help me carry this one out.

Tak Yamaura, Joe’s last collecting trip and David Rowe searching for Pines

Tak making friends.

Moving to a New House!!!

Well we are moving to a new house and we have a lot of trees to move. We have been renting the past 10 years and decided to buy. With buying I decided to start a blog now that I can organize my trees, take pictures and display the trees I intend to keep. I hope to keep this blog going at least every 2 weeks.

Anton Nijhuis

Well we are finally in our new house, lots of work to do here. #1 is to remove a huge Sequoia on the property diameter 6 feet at breast height. The stump will make a nice bonsai bench. Still have a lot of trees to move but I got my favorite ones moved. Good thing a friend of mine moved into our old place and I can keep my growing stock there for awhile.

I do Bonsai not giant Sequoias


Lots of sorting out to do but I managed to get a few trees to our new home

Front yard – a before picture. After I remove the Sequoia this garden bed is next to be removed. The trees in the half barrels are going to be planted in berms, rocks etc. I need to make a proper pathway, fence to keep my unruly dogs in and benches to display my good trees.