More Pinus contorta contorta

Here is a picture that shows P. contorta growing along the edge of a granite outcrop. That’s Sam looking the trees over (actually he wants to get into the mud bog). Elevation is around 2500ft., 5000ft. in elevation is Alpine on Vancouver Island.

More P. contorta as well as C. nootkatensis

Sam loves the bog holes.Spring collecting – I can collect in the spring if the winter snow is not too deep and I can reach the areas before the candles start opening up. Picture taken in early April.Some nice trees here but difficult to collect in the bogs

Ernie keeping guard on the tree (below) that I plan on collecting – the trunk starts under the lowest branch under the shari makes a left turn then right and over itself.

A better view from the above picture. This tree has a very large trunk and numerous twists and turns. I managed to haul this out and I have to wait another year before working on it.







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