New House – Garden Renovations

Well here is the start of a complete garden renovation at our new house. The house sits on a 1/4 acre lot facing the ocean. We have a partial ocean view and we see the mountains on the BC mainland. I thinking that I might be able to incorporate the distant mountains into the landscape design but it is not that important.

To start off I have to get rid of this Giant Sequoia, blocks most of the light I need and it will only grow bigger and bigger and bigger.

The first 15 to 20 feet of the Sequoia was limbed  in preparation for the falling of the tree, This picture should show how large the tree actually is. It will take about a week to clean up all of the branches and some how haul the wood away.View from behind the Sequoia with a few bonsai around the front of the houseA shot from the front and street side, Mt Washington is barely visible in the back ground. In the next shot you can a see a large Alder that is behind the house but in this shot it has been felled opening up back.This shot is taken from the Sequoia and looking towards the back  the large Alder is no longer there.I hate the square box flower bed in the front yard, it will soon be removed and that area will just be grassed. In the distance the plan is to have most of the large pines and hemlocks planted with rocks and paths. I have yet formalize a solid plan, what I like to do is to start with a basic overall plan but open to change along the way.Well I hope we all have a great 2012!

I bought a garage in a box with all the gift cards I got for Christmas and it was on sale at  1/2 the price. Waiting for the faller to fall the Sequoia then I can extend the wire fence to keep the hounds in and the fauna out. I see a small bear cutting thru the backyard every 2nd day or so.Six foot wire fence to keep as much fauna out as possible.As soon as this Sequoia gets felled I can continue with the wire fence.

Trees are temporarily on the ground until proper benches and places are found

Finally the tree came down – we have a lot of storms lately and all the fallers have been busy.


Mountain Hemlock Tsuga mertensiana

Here is a picture of a very large Hemlock I collected several years ago and now owned by Mr. Tak Yamaura and on display at Japan Bonsai in Whiterock BC. The next set of photos showed the great lengths it took to collect this monster.

Prepare to lower the tree from the cliff to the level below.

The monster is on it’s side root ball exposed but completely solid and compact no need to wrap the rootball on this one. Now we just have to lower it gently down.Safely down all that is left is to bring the monster home.

Dylan and Ernie getting ready to move the Hemlock to the truck.

The next large Hemlock I collected.

Who what of thought? Cell service up here? Can’t escape into the wilderness.

Here are both of the large monsters at Mr. Yamuara’s  (Japan Bonsai) in Whiterock BC.