Portable Garage

Well with all my gift cards and a half price sale I purchased a garage in a box. It is 12 feet by 20 feet and will get me through the winter – I hope. It took all day to set up by myself – my wife left to visit her mother for 3 weeks so I am by myself in our new home. Still waiting for the faller to fell the large Sequioa that puts my fence building on hold.

I currently rent a commercial shop in town that I am giving up at the end of the month so all my tools and equipment has to get moved to the new house – can not afford mortgage and shop rental plus we are now out of town and it is too far to drive. So my garage in a box is my new temporary shop until I build my new bonsai studio slash workshop.

So today I am going to load my garage in a box with tables, workbenches lights a portable heater. Trying to make it as comfortable as possible so I can work on my trees. I have to start shaping a lot of my collected pines and trim back a lot of the Mt Hemlocks.

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