Potting up a Large Mt Hemlock Forest

Well with my recent move and moving all my trees to the new home I was forced to pot up this large Mt Hemlock forest.

A large pot was needed

Ernie investigating – making sure the forest fits

In the potPretty cool says Ernie

Arrange a few branches later this year. BTW this is a single trunk tree estimated at around 300 years old

6 thoughts on “Potting up a Large Mt Hemlock Forest

  1. Hello Anton. As usual, I’m in awe of your work ethic, trees, website and new place! I don’t have your email address so, I hope you see this message – please reply if you do. I’ll be up in your neck of the woods this coming Sunday and would like to come see your trees and perhaps get one or 2 from you. Please advise. Thanks.
    Scott Bothwell: houndad@shaw.ca

  2. Hey there,
    Great info on this site, wonderful pictures,
    after reading the above post, ( as iv’e not fully investigated this page)
    im wondering if its possible to visit your place and possibly purchase a tree .

    thanks again for all the great stuff on this page!!!!

    ritchi varty

      • Hello Anton; Thanks for sending this along. I had been thinking about making a trip up to see you to get one of the Bog trees you collected last year, if you think they survived and are ready to pot up? Let me know if / when you’d be up for visit. Regards; Scott Bothwell MABS

        Sent from my iPad

      • Hi Anton;
        Will be in your area this Saturday and Sunday and would like to come by to maybe get one of the Bog trees. Tried to email you but it bounced back. Let me know if you’ll be around? I’ll need you address & phone # again.

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