Building my Studio

New floor boards added to floor joists

New floor boards added to floor joists

I started on my studio – I started a tad too late in the season and hope that monsoon season does not come early this year. My pooches are sitting in the warm sun. I decided that the most economical size would be a 16 ft by 20 ft studio and this would fit nicely behind our house.

IMG_1022Floor  and one wall is up and one wall ready to prop up.

All the lumber I will be using is custom cut by CFC Lumber in Campbell River – I should of taken a picture of the logs they used. The structural pieces of lumber are all rough cut Douglas Fir, studs, joists trusses are Doug Fir 2×6 rough cut the flooring shown here is 20 foot long 1″by 6″ Doug Fir boards – rough cut also.

IMG_1028All 4 walls are up and braced. I went to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and purchased 4 used sliding glass doors for a heck of a deal.


Finally got all my roof trusses cut just need to assemble them and put them up. It looked easier than I thought – the trusses were very heavy and had to get a couple of youths to help me put them up.


Trusses are up, 1 sliding glass door is in and I started with the Red Cedar board and batten on the backside of the studio.


View of the backside of studio no windows just board and batten


Got my roof on, window and sliding doors in. Got a great deal from Nelson Roofing, they had a garage sale on surplus roofing tin. For $300 they cut the tin made me a roof cap and gave me a bag of roofing bolts.


With the roof on I can now start on finishing the outside board and batten. Nelson Roofing had a sale on fiberglass insulation at $10 a bag $100 did my entire studio.


Insulating the walls and ceilingIMG_1068I decided to put up drywall on the ceiling and walls I did not like the feeling of looking at the poly and insulation.


IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094

Drywalled and being painted – left over paint not my choice of colors but cheap.


A jumble of wires from fluorescent lighting the lights came out of a local boxstore that got sold to Target I got all these lights ( electronic ballasts) for $70


Almost finished just need a little trim.


Gable end done with trim and all Geared Up

IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1114

Inside done now I can start working on my trees.

7 thoughts on “Building my Studio

  1. Hi Anton,

    Just found your blog. Congratulations on the move! Your backyard is shaping up to be an incredible place.


    Aaron from Toronto

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