Pine and Hemlock collecting


Here is Peter Wislon on the edge of a cliff checking out a tree in the pouring rain. It’s a 1500 foot drop staight downIMG_1391IMG_1394IMG_1398IMG_1392A few trees that were collected on the weekend these were the larger onesIMG_1364

Sometimes you can get a great view when out searching for new areas to collect  trees from.IMG_1373

Sam and Ernie checking out the view. Steep steep straight down it is.IMG_1356

Nice Pinus contorta contortaIMG_1357

Whew got it in the truck nice base I will heel it in at home and wait a year or two for the tree to recover.IMG_1378

Panorama shot of Buttle Lake


 Just resting and watching me dig a treeDSC_1801A few collected
IMG_1310 A few in the truck at home


One large one I collectedDSC_1828