Final Collecting for the Year

DSC_1839A tree that called out to be collected – I had to cut off all of the lower branches – almost slipped off the cliff doing it. It was a ways down to the bottomDSC_1844All the branches cut away dug loose and ready to haul back to my truck.DSC_1843IMG_1465IMG_1466It is a double trunk but I might try a ground layer on the smaller trunk instead of cutting it off right away.IMG_1483IMG_1480I got lucky and found a smaller tree with a very large base trunkIMG_1477IMG_1476IMG_1479IMG_1468Final Collecting for the YearIMG_1457I decided to collect this large tree after seeing it for the last 15 years. I swear I heard a voice saying – please take me please. So I took the tree home.IMG_1475At home heeled in fish compostIMG_1463A double trunk I collected

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