Shore Pine Yamadori Availablity

Here are some Pinus contorta contorta that are available;



Single trunk very old Literati – $400 30″ tall wide root base



Nice thick base very old and twisted $300″ tall



Nice twisted old Shore Pine – 3 gallon pot 20″ tall – $150




Another Shohin Literati – corky bark  1 gallon container – $150












Very Large Shore PIne in a 10 gallon container the base is 8″ across $1500 height is about 24″



5 thoughts on “Shore Pine Yamadori Availablity

      • Awesome! I’m in Florida and think I’m on the path, after YEARS of losing many pines, to being able to keep northern PINES down here. IV got 5 lodgepole, 4 coastal, 6 jack, 1 Korean and 2 pitch pines. All have survived put to 6 years so far, some longer. Their not crazy vigorous but do push candles and are making roots each year. I have close to 100 pines. Most are Florida’s native. Their needles never really get small but they look more like a smallish weeping pine. The moment you post pics please let me know. If you’d prefer my email I’ll get it to you, thx.

      • Any luck on finding time to post your PINES???

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