Hi my name is Anton (Antonius) Nijhuis and I live on Vancouver Island. I enjoy Bonsai and enjoy spending as much time as possible in the woods exploring, collecting stones and trees. I am a Horticulturist and Arborist by trade I am now semi-retired working enough to stay alive and spending the rest of my time on my Bonsai craft. I consider myself a bonsai  craft’s person leaving the art to the artists.


Anton Nijhuis – anijhuis@telus.net 250-202-2759 text or call

Campbell River BC

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have people come to your garden to view for a possible sale?
    or would you rather email pictures with prices? What works the best for you?
    250 722-2995 work
    250 390-3374 home

  2. Anton, I live in Massachusetts about 35 miles west of Boston. In May I bought a Western Hemlock. It is about 20 inches tall with nice branching. It has been in its pot for probably 4 years. Lately it has been loosing needles. Much of the problem is in watering; is my guess. I mist spray the top every other day. My moisture meter says it is moist. The tips of some of the foliage is drying, and curling. Should I water more often or allow it to dry more? I give it about 2-3 hours of afternoon sun.
    I would appreciate any advise you could give.
    thank you
    Bob Kazarian

    • I used to do Western Hemlocks (Tusga heterophylla) but I struggled with their root systems. Not as strong as the Mt Hemlocks. Sounds like you have root problems are you sure it is a Western and not a canadensis? I would take it out of the container examine the roots.

  3. Anton, I thank you for your speedy reply. The roots look on the dark side with very few roots on the outside of the root system. I may try to do a careful repot!
    Thanks again.
    Bob Kazarian

  4. Hello I live on Haida Gwaii and am new to bonsai. I have lots of trees here to select from and appreciated your information about the pines here. Also there are limited resources for containers and I would appreciate your input on making cement ones.

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