Final Collecting for the Year


DSC_1839A tree that called out to be collected – I had to cut off all of the lower branches – almost slipped off the cliff doing it. It was a ways down to the bottomDSC_1844All the branches cut away dug loose and ready to haul back to my truck.DSC_1843IMG_1465IMG_1466It is a double trunk but I might try a ground layer on the smaller trunk instead of cutting it off right away.IMG_1483IMG_1480I got lucky and found a smaller tree with a very large base trunkIMG_1477IMG_1476IMG_1479IMG_1468Final Collecting for the YearIMG_1457I decided to collect this large tree after seeing it for the last 15 years. I swear I heard a voice saying – please take me please. So I took the tree home.IMG_1475At home heeled in fish compostIMG_1463A double trunk I collected

October Collecting


Image 2A group of us got together to go collecting for Pinus contorta contorta (Shore PIne) Left to right Mark Patterson, Peter Woodland, Teague (Victoria) Gordon Cowen (Nanaimo) Peter Wilson and myself on the end (Campbell River). A very fun day for all of us. All pictures courtesy of Mark PattersonImage 7Me checking out the roots of a nice Pine – Teague was watching but posed for the shot.Image 1ImageTree was growing in a pocket in the rocks, I exposed the edges of the roots and then found the best leverage point to pop the tree out of the pocket.Image 5Done got the tree out with plenty of small surface roots.Image 4Rootball tightly wrapped in shrink wrap and with bunji cords strapped to my very old Trapper Nelson back pack. My roll of shrink wrap slides nicely over my digging shovel. What you see is all have for collecting secatuers and a small folding Silky Saw in my pocket. Stanfields wool overshirt Nylon pants if they get wet they dry out quickly jeans stay wet all day. Good pair of MEC boots and a wool toque.Image 3Peter Woodland pulling out a nice pine.
IMG_1434Fall Yamadori hunting in October presents a few problems I went out yesterday collecting in the sub-alpine. A week ago there was 4 inches of snow which melted when we had a change in weather. I left home on a sunny no cloud morning but upon reaching the higher elevations was fog and wind.IMG_1435The wind was so cold that all the trees had ice on the foliage on the windward side.IMG_1436I cut back some branches on this one so I can the trunkIMG_1438Flat sprawled out Mt Hemlock, something I would ignore in the past but….IMG_1439View from the sideIMG_1440Secatuers showing some scaleIMG_1442There is a decent sized trunk in there somewhere. This tree in a few years will make fairly decent Shohin after cutting back a lot of the branches.IMG_1443Here is the tree dug out and a lot of small branches taken away. As you can see it has a nice thick trunk. It was growing over a rock so the root mass is spread out and in the future (2 to 3 years) I will be able to expose the nebari and have a decent Shohin tree ( less than 12″ tall) IMG_1445If you look closely you can see Sam sitting on the rock on guard watching over me. We did run into a black bear earlier he was foraging on the remaining blueberries

Pine and Hemlock collecting


Here is Peter Wislon on the edge of a cliff checking out a tree in the pouring rain. It’s a 1500 foot drop staight downIMG_1391IMG_1394IMG_1398IMG_1392A few trees that were collected on the weekend these were the larger onesIMG_1364

Sometimes you can get a great view when out searching for new areas to collect  trees from.IMG_1373

Sam and Ernie checking out the view. Steep steep straight down it is.IMG_1356

Nice Pinus contorta contortaIMG_1357

Whew got it in the truck nice base I will heel it in at home and wait a year or two for the tree to recover.IMG_1378

Panorama shot of Buttle Lake


 Just resting and watching me dig a treeDSC_1801A few collected
IMG_1310 A few in the truck at home


One large one I collectedDSC_1828